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Environmental Policy Statement

MACPAC recognises that in our operations we inevitably impact on the environment and we therefore are committed to ensure a clean, healthy environment. We will provide our customers with a safe, reliable and responsive service in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. We believe that a sound environmental policy contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our stakeholders, including customers and employees by contributing to the overall well-being and economic health of the communities we serve.

We will:

  • Comply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations and strive to secure fundamental reforms that will improve their environmental effectiveness and reduce the cost of compliance.
  • Consider environmental factors and the full acquisition, use and disposal costs when making planning, purchase and disposal decisions.
  • Work continuously to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training and educate employees to be environmentally responsible.
  • Monitor our environmental performance regularly through rigorous evaluations.
  • Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced; reduce the amount of waste at our site and support pollution prevention by our customers and suppliers.
  • Use energy efficiently throughout our operations and support the efficient use of gas and electricity by our customers and suppliers.
  • Re-use and recycle wherever possible.
  • Use materials that minimise harm to the environment.
  • Work co-operatively with others to further common environmental objectives.
  • Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the company.

ISO-14001-2015 certification

Macpac Ltd believes it has an important duty to ensure good environmental standards in all its business operations and as a result is actively working towards ISO-14001-2015 certification. The company is providing all the necessary organisational resources, commitment and training to fulfil this goal and operates a continual improvement ethos.

The senior management firmly believes in, and is committed to monitoring and improving environmental performance, pollution prevention and environmental protection. Significant investment has already been made in energy saving production support equipment.

The company has a comprehensive re-cycling programme in place and is committed to waste minimisation. Macpac works closely with its waste disposal partners and is proud to state that 0% of the waste removed from the site goes to landfill.

Waste recycling

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