Wax Melt Moulds

Offering a wide range of standard wax melt packaging, as well as bespoke wax melt packaging designs, Macpac’s your wax melt packaging supplier. Whether in a snap bar clamshell design or a wax melt deli pot style format we have the packaging options for you.

Wax Melt Moulds

Range of Options

As well as producing bespoke wax melt packaging we also have a stock range of wax melt tooling which we can produced in wax melt Snap Bar formats, Wax melt segmented pots and lids, wax melt hearts cavities, star cavities as well as other wax melt clamshell style options. All wax melt varieties can be produced and supplied in pallet quantities.

The right material choice

Every wax melt pack has been developed with the heat of the wax being taken into consideration. Every wax melt pack produced has been designed to stay stable when being filled with wax at a high temperature. Whether it is a simple wax melt snap bar clam pack or a detailed wax melt heart or star shape with bespoke engraving, we ensure the wax melt pack will be up to the job.

Wax Melt Bar Moulds

R-pet is the choice of material to produce these in, containing a minimum of 80% recycled content the pack is 100% recyclable after use.

Wax Melt Mould Clams

Example wax melt mould packs

Wax Melt Mould Detail
Wax melt mould shapes

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