The ultimate locking clamshell range with sleek lines for an attractive stylish appearance with added retail appeal.


  1. Patented pack design
  2. Customisable to fit your product
  3. High security- Easy to close, hard to open
  4. Manufactured in the UK
  5. Highly cost effective
  6. Manufactured from recyclable clear RPET to BRC/IOP and ISO9000 quality standards

The Surecel clips are very secure
Double side walls make it add security and strength
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The Starpack judging panel stated:

‘Surecel is a genuine alternative to welding for a high security pack’

Blister Packaging developed for all aspects of the retail market

The Surecel range of self locking clamshell style blister packs has been developed with presentation in mind offering clean stylish designs along with the highest level of security possible for a hand assembled pack. The patented closure system is quick and easy to close yet extremely difficult to open, offering excellent tamper evidence.

  • Crumple free product cavities are unique to Surecel blister packs and ensure that your products arrive at the point of sale the way you intended.
  • Highly tamper evident security: Surecel Clips are very secure and double side walls make it extremely difficult to get into the pack and pull apart.
  • Sides of the pack are more secure and won’t gape under pressure. This is much better for transport as packs can fall apart under compression from being badly handled in transit.
  • Surecel packs are the first RPET packs which can be reliably welded using hand held ultrasonic pliers.
  • The hanging slot can be placed above the plinth or within the plinth.
Surecel clips are incredibly quick to close yet cannot be opened by hand.


formula for the perfect pack

Choose your plinth from the range of sizes overleaf
Customise the front and/or rear plints to your product shape
Add Printed insert

= high visibility,

cost effective packaging

Sizes and specifications

2 Clip - suitable for all products
Size Printed insert size Closed pack size Comment
S0 89 x 67mm 100 x 81mm Curved shape with hanging slot in plinth
S1 125 x 79mm 155 x 94mm Rectangular shape
S2 228 x 151mm 260 x 164mm Curved shape
S3 172 x 127mm 202 x 142mm Curved shape
S4 104 x 79mm 132 x 94mm Curved shape
S5 203 x 99mm 232 x 112mm Curved shape
S6 154 x 104mm 180 x 120mm Curved shape
S7 154 x 79mm 180 x 94mm Rectangular shape
S8 173 x 79mm 200 x 94mm Rectangular shape
S9 To be defined based on client demand
S10 154 x 104mm 180 x 120mm Rectangular shape
4 Clip - suitable for very large or very heavy products
Size Printed insert size Closed pack size Comment
S11 To be defined based on client demand
S12 228 x 154mm 260 x 169mm Rectangular shape
S13 304 x 228mm 332 x 244mm Rectangular shape
S14 To be defined based on client demand
S15 227 x 109mm 256 x 124mm Rectangular shape
S16 173 x 112mm 200 x 168mm Rectangular shape
S19 228 x 195mm 258 x 209mm Rectangular shape

Key Facts

  • UK Manufacturer with over 40 years experience roundel UK Manufacturer with
    over 40 years experience
  • State of the art production facilities roundel State of the art
    production facilities
  • In house design and tooling facilities roundel In House design
    and tooling facilities
  • Fully BRC certified 9001 registered Fully BRC certified 
    ISO 9001 registered

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Our dedicated sales team have great experience advising customers on the best solution to their packaging needs from original design concept through to 3D visualisation and prototyping to the finished pack.

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