Retail Packaging

Successful retail packaging involves more than just providing a protective pack for your product – it needs to reflect the values of your brand and communicate the features of your product.

Thermoformed retail packaging

Key elements to successful
retail packaging:

Pack design

A good pack design will enhance your product and add perceived value. A unique shape can also add shelf presence and distinguish your product from your competitors. A bespoke pack design can also reduce waste, thereby reducing production and transportation cost.


The graphics are vitally important to the success of any retail pack. As well as grabbing consumers’ attention, graphics should reflect the values of your brand and clearly communicate the features of your product. In addition, other important information such as technical product information and instructions for use should be incorporated. Our design studio have a vast experience of producing packaging graphics from brand extensions to new concepts.

Clam pack packaging

Clam Packs

Self locking blister packs designed to fit and display your product with maximum effect.

Trapped blister packaging

Trapped Heat Seal Blisters

An attractive versatile alternative to a heat sealed pack offering greater design flexibility.

Heat seal blister packaging

Heat Seal Blisters

Economical secure packs ideal for light weight products requiring high level branding.

Tricel packaging


Free standing or hanging packs offering excellent protection and versatility.

Retail shelf display trays

Shelf Display Trays

The ideal tray presentation for multiple packs at the POS. Designed for a perfect fit.

Box inserts for retail gift sets

Box Inserts

Displays and protects product in trays that can be stacked for easy transit and easily packed.

Box inserts for retail gift sets

Slide-on Blister Packs

A printed backing card down the slots created by the folded edges on the forming.

Packaging for DIY products
Packaging for DIY products


There are two elements to the packing to consider – ease of loading the pack and sealing the product in the pack. Security can be a deciding factor on the type of pack required – heat sealed clams offer the highest level of security from tampering. The pack should also be easy to pack by operatives to minimise packing time and therefore costs.

We always ensure that packs are easy to assemble during the design stage. Considering this at the beginning of the design process can make maximum efficiencies. Using our own contract packing facility can reduce transportation costs from shipping packaging components to various sites within the supply chain. If you are planning to produce retail packaging and would like to know more – please get in touch. We have a vast amount of experience in designing retail packaging and are able to offer advice to find the right kind of packaging to suit your product.

Thermoformed retail packaging production in the UK
Retail packaging

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