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For the sake of the environment try a more cosy relationship with your packaging supplier

Unlike most packaging manufacturers Macpac do not sell millions of standard ‘off-the- shelf’ packaging from a catalogue but instead collaborate closely with customers to conceive, design and then manufacture highly bespoke packaging, many on seasonally short runs as sometimes demanded by the horticultural sector. A closer, more collaborative relationship allows customers access to every detailed stage in development from conception through to full production. It also allows for a more lateral and considered approach when it comes to packaging and, importantly, the environment.

We have seen on broadcast media and read in the press that a possible tipping point has been reached in the attitudes of retailers and the Government to waste plastics which will have some influence on the options that packaging manufacturers are able to offer.

In the light of current packaging attention customers are looking to raise their environmental profile.  Working alongside the customer Macpac enables a more nuanced, ethical and responsible approach to packaging through pioneering material application with a lower environmental impact and exclusive design not available in a more generic, all-encompassing blanket  supply.

Plantpac is a fine example of mail order packaging conceived and designed in consultation with a major mail order nursery. Since the launch Macpac, responding to market demands, has extended the plug plant range to include a new letterbox pack portfolio designed to be sent at the large letter rate.  We carry a large, on demand range which can be viewed on line at

The 3P9 Plug Clampack is a demand-led optimal solution for foliage height up to 260mm.  Complimenting the 3P9 Clampack is the 3P9 carton an optional corrugated outer packaging carrier. This can be customised with the company’s logo, livery and contact details.


The 3P9 card carrier                                                                       The 3P9 Letterbox pack

Macpac also designs shelf ready packaging speeding up product replenishment on-shelf, optimising on retail  space and reducing handling costs. Working with customers Clamshell packs or clam packs are designed to be entirely bespoke . These are secure locking Clamshell packs to precisely accommodate the product with space for customer details.

Macpac use recycled PET (r-PET) in most of their products. No packaging manufactured with a blend of recycled PET should end up in landfill – it is possible for such packaging to be recycled over and over again with only a minimum virgin input to maintain stability. This ‘easy-to-recycle’ mantra is something that Macpac has promoted in its literature and when addressing the requirements of its customers.

Macpac acknowledges the Waste Reduction Agency WRAP’S latest ‘Courtauld 2025’ committing signatories including all the major retailers to reduce the resource intensity of the UK’s food and drink sector by 20% in the next nine years.


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