Breakdown PET

Breakdown PET is a revolutionary new material which satisfies the packaging industry’s wish list in that it is made from recycled PET and is FULLY RECYCLABLE and BIODEGRADABLE.

Breakdown PET provides an end-of-life solution to plastic which is discarded in landfill sites all over the world where it will naturally decompose in less than a decade rather than centuries, leaving behind only organic matter, with no toxins or micro plastics remaining. Compared to conventional PET packaging, Breakdown PET will reduce the long term impact on landfill, allowing for more effective use of diminishing landfill space.

However, Breakdown PET only activates in oxygen starved landfill, which means it has the same shelf life and strength as conventional R-PET and can be fully recycled.

Please download our information guides for more in-depth details on Breakdown PET along with FAQ’s that will hopefully answer all of your queries.

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