Good Plastic, Bad Plastic

Plastic has many advantages over other, seemingly more environmentally friendly, materials but many of the advantages of plastic become a disadvantage at the time we discard them. The challenge facing many businesses is how to maintain the benefits of plastic packaging while satisfying the growing consumer opposition against plastic.

Is there a solution now?

Until the circular economy for plastics is improved, plastics – even recyclable plastic, will continue to reach landfill. It is essential that the industry has a strategy but at the moment that is totally lacking so what is the responsible client to do? Macpac have collaborated with our extrusion partner to introduce Breakdown PET – a material which is fully recyclable and biodegradable which provides an end of life solution to plastic which is discarded in landfill where it will naturally decompose in less than a decade rather than centuries.
While the fight to improve the circular economy continues, Breakdown PET offers a solution for the mounting issue and most visible form of pollution right now – that of discarded plastic and allows us to use plastic with a clear conscience.

Introducing Breakdown PET

The revolutionary new material that is fully recyclable AND biodegradable.

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