Company History

We’re extremely proud of our history, from a humble small scale start-up company in 1973 to the innovative successful modern thermoformer we are today.


The company was founded in 1973 by Chris Kershaw.

Macclesfield Packaging was set up on the first floor of an old print mill to make packaging for Dinky Toys and Meccano.


The business moves to Macclesfield

The business soon moved to Thorp Mill in Macclesfield as it rapidly grew out of the new need for the invention of themoforming. At the time machines were manually run at 4-6 cycles/minute if you were lucky.

Continued expansion

The business continued to expand and moved to Bredbury in the 1980’s.

ISO9001 accreditation

In 1990 Macpac gains ISO9001 accreditation. The investment in our toolrooms meant that this was necessary for quality development of tooling.

A fire prompts another move

After a devastating fire at our Bredbury factory, the business moved to our current address on Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate where we occupied a single industrial unit with 4 machines.

Graham joins the family business

In 1997 Graham came back into the family business after University graduation and working overseas for ten years. During his time abroad Graham was a member of Greenpeace which might explain some of his later actions.


Macpac introduces CNC

Macpac introduce the early CNC’s in their toolroom in a move away from traditional cast aluminium toolmaking to highly accurate CAD/CAM machining.

Macpac wins Prestigious Starpack Gold Award for Carbon Monoxide detector.
We were also awarded the Bronze Award for technical innovation.

A front runner for recycled materials

Macpac pushes RPET as one of the first companies in the UK to market this new product and drive the move away from PVC.

Macpac enters the medical sector

Macpac ventures into the medical sector by designing the first thermoformed pill packaging which revolutionised administering medicines to elderly patients. This was soon followed by the introduction of Carehome packs. Made from recycled materials, these packs always had a clear blue tint due to the fact that they were made from recycled water bottles.

Macpac doubles factory size

With the continued investment in new machinery, Macpac doubles the factory floor space to 10,000 sq ft. Later additions saw further expansion to make space for Raw/materials and finished goods.

Macpac achieve BRC accreditation with major factory investment

Macpac wins BRC/IOP accreditation in 2010 heralding a £750K investment in state of the art machinery


Macpac buys Hamilton Packaging

The aquisition provided Macpac with a share of the food packaging market.

Macpac install the first Illig down stacking Machine in the UK

In conjunction with machine manufacturer Illig, Macpac help develop this new technology to help reduce tooling cost without the compromise of production efficiencies.

Toolroom development

The continued expansion of the toolroom saw the introduction of Hurco CNC machines and an increase in engineers.


Macpac win Silver Award at the Starpack Awards for Surecel Clam pack for Technical Innovation


Further expansion

A further unit is added to expand the finished goods area significantly due to increased demand.

Macpac win Bronze Award at the Starpack Awards for Snap In the category for Home- DIY, Gifts & Gardening

Our innovation continues to be recognised

Macpac win Innovation of the year Award at Gro South Horticultural Exhibition for our Large Letter Pack design.


MACPAC introduces Breakdown PET

Breakdown PET is a revolutionary new material which is fully recyclable AND biodegradeable.

Rapid development when it counts

Macpac win The Railway Industry Awards special award for Covid -19 response for designing and manufacturing Hard hat visors in record time.

Continued Investment

First ever down stacking & punch and die Thermoforming machine in the UK lands at Macpac.

MACPAC is 50 years old!

We are celebrating 50 years in business.

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Leading UK thermoformed packaging manufacturer now exports to 17 countries with more overseas growth planned Macpac (  – one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of thermoformed packaging products – has tripled its export...

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