A Revolution in Plastics


Breakdown PET is a revolutionary new material which satisfies the “Holy Grail “ of plastics in that it is fully recyclable AND biodegradeable.


Yes really! All relevant tests have been made on this material to authenticate our claims.


In the past there have been materials which have been trialled by industry such as PLA which are Biodegradable under specific conditions. However, they are not recyclable in the usual recycling chains present throughout Europe. Indeed they actually contaminate existing recyclable plastics.

The revolutionary advantage to BREAKDOWN PET is that it is still FULLY recyclable through existing recycling chains.

This means that when it does eventually get to end-of-life then it is biodegradeable and this is the key to its importance.

It is also cheaper than any other material that can make this claim.


There is the inevitable resistance to the use of a material which has a higher cost than necessary, but BREAKDOWN PET is the first material which through careful design can be used with minimal on-cost.


The properties of BREAKDOWN PET are identical to standard food grade RPET material in terms of clarity and mechanical properties, this means that it is perfectly suited for any product where standard RPET is used.

More news to follow.

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In conjunction with our extrusion partners we are leading the way in market acceptance of this material.

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Waste recycling
Waste recycling
Waste recycling

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