Our machine park with 12 ultra modern pressure forming machines makes us one of the largest privately owned thermoforming companies in the UK.

The latest machines include the world beating new skeletal rewind and stacking technology that we developed in collaboration with Illig. These new machines enable more elaborate shapes to be formed without loss of quality and with less machine downtime due to blockages.

The new configuration reduces the cost of tooling making our packaging even more competitively priced. The machines are also easier to clean which is a big advantage especially for food customers as changeover times can be reduced which speeds up production.

Recycled material

Macpac is leading the way in the use of RPET, the recycled variant of PET.

The majority of our production output is made from RPET making us about as environmentally friendly as it is possible to be in our industry. We also manufacture from a variety of other materials to suit customer requirements.

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Here to help

Our dedicated sales team have great experience advising customers on the best solution to their packaging needs from original design concept through to 3D visualisation and prototyping to the finished pack.

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