Sustainable, functional and cost effective plug plant and seed tray packs ensure safe and secure delivery of seeds, saplings and well established plants

Macpac – one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of high performance thermoformed packaging – is urging the horticultural industry to start planning for the 2024 growing season with its range of patented Plantpac® packaging products. The company’s sustainable, functional and cost effective solutions allow mail order growers and nurseries to ensure the safe and secure delivery of seeds, saplings in plug format or larger, more well-established plants.

Macpac’s breathe-easy plug plant and seed tray packs are available in a variety of sizes and ideal for mail order businesses of all sizes by combining maximum volume with reduced mailing costs. Developed in conjunction with a major mail order plant supplier, the user friendly Plantpac packs are easy to assemble and provide excellent protection and ventilation for plants during transit and display. The containers feature an innovative locking feature for simple, secure and fast closure, even when wearing gloves.

Macpac’s game-changing Ready-to-Post packs have been specially designed for letterbox delivery, allowing plug plants to be sent through the postal system at a large letter pack rate. The robust design eliminates the need for extra packaging which helps reduce weight, costs and waste.  

Extremely easy to use, growers simply place plug plants into the cavities, close the pack shut and clip in the secure closure tabs. Adding an address label around the end of the pack provides added security and tamper evidence. Provided they are closed properly and not overfilled, the Plantpac packs fit within the Royal Mail large letter postal criteria of measuring less than 25mm thickness.

Macpac’s plug plant Clam Packs boast a self-locking feature for an easy to pack solution, saving time and costs yet offering increased plant protection and great presentation. Macpac offers 28 different variations of stock clam packs with configurations ranging from 1 x 15cm plug pot to 12 x 3cm plug pots.

Produced from up to 90% recycled rPET, the Plantpac range is 100% recyclable through either kerbside collection or council recycling centres. The Jazz rPET is a material blend manufactured without the use of a masterbatch making it easily detectable by the optical near infra-red (NIR) sorting systems used by council and waste management companies. This enables recovery and recycling to occur and more significantly diversion for landfill.

Jazz rPET offers the horticultural industry a commercially viable alternative to black and other colours when opaque packaging is required.

All Plantpac products can be manufactured in clear rPET for high clarity foliage display and personalised with customer logos.

Macpac’s off-the-shelf stock Plantpac range is available to buy online via its ecommerce site –


Note to editors:

Currently celebrating its 50-year anniversary, Macpac was founded by Chris Kershaw, father of the current owner and Managing Director, Graham Kershaw and has grown to become one of the UK’s largest privately owned thermoformed packaging manufacturers in the UK.  The company boasts in-house design, tooling and production facilities, as well as highly experienced sales engineers offering specialist knowledge and advice.

Macpac recycles approximately 680,000kg of rPET per year which is re-processed back into extruded sheet for the production of more thermoforming products. With 11 state-of-the-art Illig thermoforming systems and five CNC machines installed at its 46,500 sq ft plant, the company offers high quality plastic packaging products for the food, drink, pharmaceutical, medical, horticultural, engineering, manufacturing and automotive sectors both in the UK and overseas including Australia, Costa Rica, France and Italy.

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