… a virtuoso of new stock Wax Melt products from the ingenious design team at Macpac

As well as producing bespoke Wax Melt packaging Macpac also has a stock range of Wax Melt Tooling which can be produced in Wax Melt Snap Bar formats, Wax Melt segmented pots & lids, Wax Melt hearts cavities, star cavities as well as other Wax Melt Clamshell style options. All Wax Melt varieties can be produced and supplied in pallet quantities.

Now available 4 x cavity Snap Bar Summer Fruits – 140 x 65 x 16mm
Now available 4 x cavity Perfume Bottle Snap Bar – 140 x 65 x 16mm

Also available from stock 4 x cavity Laundry Snap Bar 140x65x16mm and 6 x Segment Clampack 74 diameter x 21.5mm. Coming Soon: Soap Sponge Hinge Pack Closed: 180 x 130x 54mm.

More heart melting concepts in the Macpac Wax Melt range by visiting HERE