... solid growth in Macpac’s Plantpac sales in standard R-PET or Breakdown PET offering accelerated degradation in landfill.

On-demand ex-stock Plug Plant Clampacks also selectively available in Breakdown PET with a separate corrugated card carrier. Simply slot your packed Plantpac into the corrugated card carrier, close the tabs and it’s ready to be posted. All products 100% recyclable. The example here shows a 3P9 (3×9 cm) pot Clampack.

Breakdown PET is a revolutionary material made from recyclable PET – is fully recyclable with accelerated biodegradation in landfill. The material provides an end-of-life solution to plastic discarded in landfill.

Breakdown PET will naturally decompose in less than a decade rather than centuries leaving behind only organic matter with no toxins or micro plastics remaining. Compared to conventional PET Breakdown PET will reduce the long-term impact on landfill allowing for more effective use of of diminishing landfill space.

Breakdown PET only activates in oxygen-starved landfill which means it has the same shelf life and strength as conventional R-PET and can be fully recycled.

For the full range of Clampacks visit HERE or to request a sample call Macpac on 061 442 1642