We’re engaging with our customer base to advise on the changing packaging legislation policies as well as packaging design offering advice on the best choice of materials. Newsletters will be sent to customers looking at the policies and how these could affect a customer’s business.

Visit http://www.macpac.co.uk/sustainability

From April 2022 there’s a new tax that will apply to plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. This will affect manufacturers of plastic packaging, their customers but also consumers who buy plastic packaging.

As well as advice on Legislation and in an ongoing effort to further reduce our environmental impact we’ve set ourselves ambitious objectives for sustainability & recyclability at the same time providing practical advice and information to all our customers:

Designing for sustainability – offering expertise on how to design packaging offering the minimum environmental impact and maximum recyclability

How green is plastic packaging? We will offer advice on the best choice of material for a project. 97% of the materials used by us are exclusively recycled PET

Our raw materials. We will fully advise on all materials available to empower customers to propose the best possible solutions to their clients

Join the partnership for Sustainable Packaging at http://www.macpac.co.uk/sustainability