Transit Trays with stability and protection in mind for components on the move

Macpac’s bespoke Transit Trays have been proven as critical packaging elements within the Supply Chain, maintaining the safety and security of components whilst in transit being integral to their design.

Quick turnaround of manufacture has become of particular importance during this trying pandemic, with supply chains across all industries being under increasing pressure to deliver, and just-in-time production lines being stretched to their limits.  Any failures within the Supply Chain could mean down time and unforeseen costs.

Macpac’s Transit Trays are designed and manufactured to keep components secure during all aspects of transit and offer maximum protection throughout the assembly line.  The Company has built its strong reputation for over 40 years on having the capacity, flexibility and speed to design and provide in-house tooling to assist with the manufacture of component trays across such diverse industries as automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, food, and horticultural sectors.

The Supply Chain is a challenging and unsparing environment…

Macpac prides itself on being expert packaging engineers, offering specialist advice to customers, whilst always looking at briefs from a refreshing perspective. They take a customer’s product and carefully produce innovative packaging concepts without losing sight of practical functionality throughout all stages of the product’s transport requirements.  Bespoke trays offer distinct advantages over conventional packaging, with no assembly requirement, no fibre contamination and with the capability for re-use or recycling.

With its responsibility towards protecting our environment being high on Macpac’s agenda, customers are encouraged at the beginning of the design process to use cost-effective trays that are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, yet can still have specific properties allowing resistance to oils or corrosive chemicals.  Impact strength is also taken into consideration, particularly on fragile items or those that will be moving through a supply chain where it is common to be transiting from one site to another, or along high-speed conveyors and handled by robotic machinery.

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