Simon Firth, Sales Manager at Macpac was recently interviewed by Horti Daily and Floral Daily. He reports on a record year!

Simon Firth on Macpac’s horticultural packaging:

“It’s a year with record high sales”

Over the last months, plant sales have been high. This combined with the sharp increase in online shopping, resulted in a record year so far for the horticultural packaging range of Macpac. “Usually, the peak orders are coming in in March, April in May and just a little in September and October, Now however order levels are still healthy coming in for Autumn”, says Simon Firth, Sales Manager.  Macpac is a thermoformed packaging company that supplies UK, Europe & worldwide and recently achieved BRCGS grade ‘AA’ to the new issue 6 standard and is about to launch their new updated website that simplifies online ordering. 

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