In the coming weeks Macpac will be launching its new on-line ‘shopping’ website providing a one-stop shop for box quantities of selected packaging in key sectors and showcasing all that’s best in design and manufacture.

‘Ready-to-Post’ Plantpac range

Macpac has been successfully offering its portfolio of horticultural products through its dedicated on-line Plantpac site for over 4 years.

Now in these challenging times and with the emphasis very much shifting towards on-line e-commerce, Macpac is broadening that shop front by adding Bakery packaging and General food trays. Macpac will continue to offer its personalised bespoke packaging service for those businesses seeking a more customised approach as it has done for over 40 years.

Bakery packaging

Macpac’s e-commerce solution

From the first click through to check-out, Macpac has engineered the site for easy navigation providing smaller quantities for those looking for an off-the-shelf option with immediate delivery. Macpac will continue to supply larger quantities for companies who require bulk deliveries by pallets through contact with the main office or the account manager.

General food trays

Macpac will be expanding the portfolio in the coming months with new market sectors being added.

If larger quantities are required then customers can simply contact Macpac on 0161 442 1642 or visit HERE