Macpac has always suggested that brand owners, retailers and manufacturers need to work with a packaging design and manufacturer that understands the complexities of design, the technicalities and preferences of material choice, the brand fit as well as environmental considerations. What if your packaging fails to meet stringent environmental legislation? Consider the cost? The cost of failure could be expensive and is never fully realised until the project is completed. By then it’s too late!

Let’s sit down and talk…

Every pack needs to start with an initial concept and our experienced sales engineers are well placed to help.

The first stage is to understand your product and any factors such as security, transit, protection and shelf display. Our sales engineers are skilled design engineers and are able to produce concepts that will translate well into the Computer Aided Design (CAD) process.

After approval the concept is ready to be developed using the latest CAD 3D modelling design. Macpac combines innovation and award-winning design with efficient production.


State of the Art Tooling

Our sales engineers work closely with our in-house tooling team. Macpac utilise the latest in 3D Solid Works modelling software to produce efficient tooling designs. In addition to physical prototypes Macpac can produce 3D rendered visuals to conceptualise the pack.

Macpac’s state-of-the-art tooling facilities ensure competitive pricing and quick turnaround. Integrated CAD software and CNC milling reduces milling time and costs.

The production of packaging is undertaken at Macpac’s machine park with 12 ultra-modern pressure forming machines making Macpac one of the largest privately-owned thermoforming companies in the UK.  

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