On-line sales has for many in the horticultural sector meant the difference between survival and failure during the Covid-19 crisis.

With more than £1bn in lost sales during the period on-line sales have filled the vacuum to the tune of 94%. Some 70% of bedding plant sales traditionally reach their peak March to May coinciding this Spring with the closure of garden centres.

At the start of the season Macpac delivered Springtime well-being to the horticultural sector with their ever-growing range of Plantpac products a unique and patented way of delivering plants safely, securely and cost effectively through the post direct from the manufacturer. Take for example our Ready-to-Post range

Simply pack your plug plants
into the cavities
Close the pack shut and clip in the secure closure tabs adding your address label around the end of the packoffers added security as well as tamper evidence

The Plantpac range was developed at the outset in collaboration with a mail order plant supplier. The result is an easy-to-assemble range of packs providing maximum protection and ventilation for the plants during transit and display. For the full story visit HERE

At a glance

  • UK Manufacturer
  • Patented pack design
  • Unique locking feature
  • Simple secure and fast pack closure even when wearing gloves
  • Packs can be personalised with customer logos on front face for a small extra cost
  • Packs manufactured in clear R-PET for high clarity foliage display
  • All packs are made from recycled material and can be further recycled after use
  • Optional corrugated outer packaging