Thermoformed packaging designer & manufacturer Macpac Ltd, has designed and produced a PPE visor that attaches to a hard hat for workers requiring vital protection to combat Covid 19.

Developed with UK’s largest Railway Infrastructure company

The visor was rapidly developed at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis with one of the UK’s largest Railway infrastructure companies and has now been in regular use offering splash protection to thousands of engineers, workmen and construction workers since early April.

Innovative design and thermoforming expertise

The thermoformed visor, which is lightweight in construction has been designed to fit most hard hats in the workplace.  Built-in innovative design features allow the visor to sit on to the peak of the hard hat holding it in place with an adjustable elastic strap.  Designed to sit away from the face the visor allows for the use of face masks, glasses or protective goggles. The visor will also work with most Hardhat work lamps and Ear Defenders.

The hygienic design means that the visor can easily be washed or wiped down easily during day use and re-use if required.

100% recyclable

Made from 100% recyclable material the visor offers a highly cost-effective solution for workers needing personal splash protection against COVID-19 in any industrial hard hat environment.

Produced at Macpac’s BRC AA grade accredited manufacturing site the items can be produced in high volume on Macpac’s modern highspeed thermoforming machines.

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