A cottage enterprise providing supports for paper masks.

In recent years plastics and those companies involved in its production and conversion have been pilloried, vilified and generally denounced. Yet unexpectedly Covid-19 has highlighted the pivotal role that the material plays in everything from blister pill dispensing packs, to medical equipment, from sterile packaging for medical components to food preservation and extended shelf life. The crisis has shone a more considerate and better informed light on an Industry that has quickly and effectively adapted to meet the pressing demands for personal protection equipment for critical care and essential workers.

As an example Macpac is presently manufacturing and supplying Visors to NHS Trusts and other key workers such as the Construction sector.

There are many unsung heroes currently giving their time and expertise freely without gain or profit, Sue Butler is a glowing example. She contacted Macpac for help. Sue is donating ‘ear comforters’ to the NHS – producing plastic supports for paper masks to relieve the pressure and rubbing from the elastic over the ears. Before speaking to Macpac and working from her home in Derbyshire with a small electronic cutting machine she had been fashioning strips from plastic milk bottles suitably sterilised. 

Ensuring that the curved plastic of the bottle was flat enough to pass through the cutter was proving difficult and time consuming. She had been successful in meeting a small demand but news of her enterprise was spreading and the orders mounting.

Not to be discouraged Sue contacted Macpac.

Macpac was able to provide small quantities of roll film roughly the same gauge as a milk bottle. Demand for Sue’s project is increasing as she works over the weekend to satisfy requirements and Macpac is pleased to have contributed to this effort.

Covid-19 is rapidly changing entrenched perceptions of the entire plastics and packaging sectors.