Looking for creativity as well as complete control of your packaging from start to finish?

Macpac is not your usual thermoformer selling standard packaging from a catalogue. They are a driving force in creativity and innovation. Macpac manufactures bespoke packaging for a wide range of sectors including food, healthcare, cosmetics, automotive, horticulture, electronics, bakery, confectionery and hardware.

From concept to fulfillment and all under one roof, Macpac, with its in-house design team and tool room transforms your idea into packaging reality. Using highly efficient modern thermoforming machinery allows Macpac increased flexibility over its competitors providing cost-effective minimum runs from as little as 1000 units upwards. All Macpac’s packaging is blended with up to 86% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Visit Macpac’s entry in the Packaging Innovations show guide HERE

Macpacis know for its innovation in design and materials. This will be evident at Packaging Innovations where we will be showcasing our new, distinctive and well-designed products in eco-friendly packaging materials. An example of this is Breakdown PET

Breakdown PET is a fully recyclable and fast-acting bio-degradable R-PET. The material has the same characteristics of standard R-PET with up to 86% recycled content in the blend and is 100% recyclable yet with the ground-breaking benefit of accelerated decomposition within a few years rather than centuries should the packaging ever end up in landfill.

To discover more about Breakdown PET click on the link HERE or visit us at Packaging Innovations stand D30 February 26th and 27th.