Are you getting what you want from your supplier? Is it to specification and supported by sound technical advice from concept to production all under one roof? Macpac is renowned for its highly specialised blister and Clam Pack technology. This specialist blister knowledge and expertise makes us one of the foremost and diverse blister packaging suppliers in the country. All our packaging is blended with at least 90% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Take for example our highly affordable standard BlisterKing clam packaging range providing a simple, low budget packaging solution to get products to market effectively and within budget.

BlisterKing was designed by Macpac to be cost effective yet give products the protection, in transit and on-shelf, that they require. There are 10 primary sizes offering a number of pack sizes ranging from 110mm x 35mm to 245mm x 170mm. For further details about BlisterKing and the extensive range offered visit HERE

Coming soon – Surecel Stock Range!

This secure patented clam pack design offers a simple, single action clip closure system giving greater security to your products but removing the need for a knife or scissors to gain product access and eliminating the need for welding.

Macpac already supply the Surecel clamp packs with bespoke designed cavities to fit customers products using our unique design… but we are not stopping there! We are going one step further by launching our award-winning and patented Surecel packs as an off-the-shelf option with stock size cavities.

Coming soon in early 2020 we are planning to offer our Surecel range on-line with stock items available to be purchased for immediate delivery. Surecel stock items will be produced in an environmentally friendly material called BreakdownPET. BreakdownPET contains at least 90% recycled material and is 100% recyclable in the waste stream. Should it ever end up in landfill the material offers faster decomposition , biodegrading within a decade rather than centuries and therefore reducing the long-term impact on landfill. For more information visit SURECEL