Transforming great ideas into packaging reality from concept to production

Macpac is renowned for its blister and Clam Pack (clamshell) technology and, having worked closely with major manufacturers, has the experience and expertise to more than satisfy the stringent regulations and challenges within the pet healthcare, foods, accessories and grooming products sectors.

Clamshell Tricel pack designed for hanging or free-standing

Development Partnership 

Macpac is a wholly owned family business established over 45 years ago. Their roots and independence, free of any ties, have made the company what it is today. As a well as a personal approach the company offers a seamless end-to-end service from idea to finished product working in close development partnership with customers to realise their objectives. This can be for an existing product where enhancing modifications are required or for a brand-new idea.
The development and manufacture of packaging using their highly efficient thermoforming machinery all under one roof, allows Macpac increased flexibility over their competitors and provides highly cost-effective minimum runs from as little as 1000 units upwards.   

Well designed packaging drives sales and a good pack design will not only enhance your product but will also add perceived value. For instance, a unique shape can add on-shelf impact differentiating from your competitors. Throughout the design process Macpac adopts a finely tuned environmentally friendly practice future proofing against environmental impact by guiding the client towards the use of materials which contain a minimum of 90% recycled content and are 100% recyclable by the end user.

Macpac’s Surecel Clamshell packaging provides a tamper-proof, fail-safe secure design eliminating the need for welding

Macpac produces a range of bespoke, standard or customised bespoke blister packaging including Clam PacksTrapped Heat Seal BlistersStandard Heat Seal BlistersTricelsSurecelShelf Display TraysBox InsertsSlide-on-Packs

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Clamshell Blister Packaging
Heat Seal Blister packs on printed card