Throughout 2018/19 plastics was one of the largest issues for growers and nurseries and will likely feature prominently in 2020. Macpac are on stands C76 / C77 at the Four Oaks show. With environmental issues in the spotlight Macpac has introduced new sustainable plastic materials this year welcomed by the horticultural sector. During 2019 the manufacturer introduced Breakdown PET a recyclable PET yet also providing an end-of-life solution should it be required when discarded in landfill – accelerated bio-degradation acting within a decade rather than centuries

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In addition a further material breakthrough with a carbon-less black plastic has been announced detectable by the Near Infra-Red sorting systems and therefore fully recognisable with all other plastics for recycling. Firm favourites such as the brand-leading family of Plantpac packaging for plants on the move and award-winning SNAP-IN are being displayed.

Macpac stand at Four Oaks Sept 3-4 2019