The Macpac team will be on stands C76-C77 with new product developments engineered for the Horticulture sector. With environmental packaging solutions for the Horticultural industry in the spotlight this year Macpac introduced new sustainable plastic materials which have been welcomed by the horticultural sector and will be exhibited on the stand these include a new Near Infra-Red (NIR) detectable black plastic and Breakdown PET.

Plantpac in Breakdown PET

During 2019 Macpac introduced Breakdown PET a recyclable PET yet providing an end-of-life solution should it be required when discarded in landfill – accelerated bio-degradation acting within a decade rather than centuries.

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In addition the manufacturer announced a further material breakthrough  with a carbon-less black plastic detectable by the Near Infra-Red (NIR) sorting systems and therefore fully recognisable with all other plastics. Read what the Horticultural media said :

Macpac reports that both materials are being used by discerning nurseries eager to raise their environmental profiles. One of Macpac’s prominent customers was using a conventional black plastic for one particular line. The downside of this is that carbon black pigment used in conventional black is not recognisable by the Near Infra-Red sorting systems. The nursery was anxious to be seen to be making the right environmental buying choices. So they chose the non-carbon detectable black plastic.

In addition the firm favourites will be displayed including the brand-leading Plantpac designed to meet growers and retailers – essential security for plants on the move. The range now includes a Large Letterbox Pack designed to be posted at the large letter Royal Mail postage rate keeping delivery costs to a minimum. Another firm favourite will be award-winning SNAP-IN the perfect solution for house plants or exotics.