Why do new products fail so often or existing products begin to lose favour with customers? Getting Packaging right can often be the difference between success and failure. A newcomer needs shelf stand-out in a crowded, unforgiving market. But it also has to be right for the environment enhancing a company’s environmental stature!

Box inserts really show off products to great effect and are ideal for presentation purposes. They are easily stacked in transit, on the shelf and at point of sale providing excellent opportunities for branding on the printable box area- visit: https://www.macpac.co.uk/non-food-packaging/retail-blister-packaging/box-inserts/

The graphics are vitally important to the success of any retail pack. As well as grabbing a customer’s attention the graphics should reflect brand values and clearly communicate the features of the product. Additionally important technical product information and instructions for use should be incorporated. Macpac’s design studio has a vast experience of producing packaging graphics from brand extensions to new concepts.

There are key elements to successful packaging, some creative, some technical. Dealing with a combined packaging designer and manufacturer demonstrating a track record all under one roof ensures that there is a special relationship, a seamless collaboration threading through the entire process from start to finish. Consider the following selected repertoire from the Macpac portfolio…

Clam Shells or Clam Packs as they are sometimes known, are probably the most versatile type of thermoformed packaging that we manufacturevisit: https://www.macpac.co.uk/non-food-packaging/retail-blister-packaging/clam-packs/
Trapped Heat Seal Blisters packaging provides an alternative to the new heat seal pack, providing an improved appearance and greater flexibility in the design – visit: https://www.macpac.co.uk/non-food-packaging/retail-blister-packaging/trapped-heat-seal-blisters/
Heat Seal Packaging is both economical and secure – ideal for lightweight products that require a high level of branding – visit: https://www.macpac.co.uk/non-food-packaging/retail-blister-packaging/heat-seal-blisters/
Tricels are a 3-section variation on the Clamshell concept that are designed to be either free standing or hanging displays – visit: https://www.macpac.co.uk/non-food-packaging/retail-blister-packaging/tricels/
Slide-on Blister packs (or folded flange blisters as they are sometimes called) are highly versatile blister packs with folded edges that make segregating the end user’s waste packaging really simple – visit: https://www.macpac.co.uk/non-food-packaging/retail-blister-packaging/slide-on-packs/