Welcome to Plantpac purposely designed to meet the needs of growers and retailers essential security for plants on the move…

…come and take a look at Macpac’s range of mail order plant packaging ahead of the new growing season. Several new lines have been added to the range offering more choice of packaging sizes. A patented breathe-easy packaging solution delivering maximum plant volume for the lowest mailing charges with minimum handling costs designed for large and small growers in to the Mail Order plant sector. Visit HERE

If you’re a Mail Order nursery then postage costs are critical factors as is optimal ventilation and plant protection during transit.

Macpac can now offer the full range of packs in Breakdown PET

Breakdown PET is a fully recyclable PET but providing an end-of-life solution should it be required when discarded in landfill. This is due to an accelerated decomposition in landfill within a decade rather than centuries. Breakdown PET is made to order and subject to minimum order quantity. If you want to know more about Breakdown PET and how it can help enhance your environmental profile please call us on 0161 442 1642 to discuss further.