At Macpac, for many years we have been very conscious of our responsibility to the environment – indeed, in the year 2000, we were one of the very first companies in the UK to actively promote the use of RPET (recycled PET) throughout our manufacturing processes. Many others followed our example and now RPET is an industry standard, accepted universally as the most recyclable plastic.

We have been actively recycling all our waste ever since and so, during 2018, we decided to prove to ourselves that our processes achieve ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL.

Through extensive work in developing quantifiable processes with our recycling partners, our Quality Assurance Team has been able to monitor our monthly performance and are now proud to present our results.

Breakdown of all materials used as a percentage

Description Percentage Comment
Client products 78.1% All products supplied to our clients
Plastic recycled 19.6% Our processes generate skeletal waste which is 100% recycled and returned back to us as RPET sheet
Other recyclable waste sorted at MACPAC 1.6% Cardboard and general dry mixed recycling including pallets
Waste not sorted at MACPAC – Classified as “General Waste” 0.7% Recycled by our waste management partner – See the statement below.

Statement from our recycling partner

“The general waste goes to a transfer station initially, where any recyclable materials are extracted, example: metals, plastics … these are then baled or bulked and traded as commodities. The residual is then shredded as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) baled and sent to an Energy from Waste plant… the bottom ash which is the end product is then sent for aggregate or use in the cement industry”

Our diligent work in this field has meant that our Packaging Waste Regulations liability has been dramatically reduced year on year, which is a win-win situation for MACPAC and our clients.

We are very proud to demonstrate that we have our own procedures in order but we will not be sitting on our laurels, our next challenge is to introduce BREAKDOWN PET, the new RECYCLABLE and BIODEGRADEABLE plastic.

Please see our website for more details.