Macpac’s slide-on blister packaging have distinct environmental advantages – they do not require the use of adhesives often contaminating the packaging for recycling, the backing card printed with the brand and product information can be easily separated from the plastic blister for ease of recycling.

Slide on blister pack being closed

Slide on blisters can be easily opened without the use of scissors. The blister packs are simply and easily assembled without special equipment, on demand and by unskilled staff. Working in collaboration with Macpac’s designers the blisters can be created to suit the shape and nature of the products and in a format to facilitate and accommodate the brand name, text and any directions for use. The backing card then slides into the flanges of the customised/bespoke blister without the need for special tooling.

Slide on Blister Pack

Slide on Blister Pack with hanging slot

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