The above media have welcomed a campaign that gives the Packaging Industry a fair and equable voice.

There are fictional, cock-eyed stories being told by some parts of the broadcast and published media. These organisations have no affinity with packaging, the industry or the markets they serve and they certainly don’t rely on the industry for their livelihoods or income. For too long the packaging sector has been vilified, in recent times they have assumed a new and more hateful persona based on ignorance, misinformation and misunderstanding. With 85,000 jobs reliant on the industry the packaging sector needs to have a level playing field, a fair and equable voice. We believe Macpac is the first packaging manufacturer to agree to nail its colours to the mast and to shout about its integrity. So they’ve published an ‘open letter’ widely and enthusiastically welcomed by the trade press.

Read our open letter for the full truth about the packaging industry and what the sector is doing that isn’t widely and fairly reported.