The art of seduction
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We live the dream of our customers – working with them in a creative environment to transform their ideas into reality. When it comes to cosmetics packaging appeal is in the eye of the beholder. Nearly always first impressions count. Successful and effective brands demonstrate one essential element – innovative bespoke design.

Designs that exude the relationship between packaging designer and brand owner invariably stand the test of time going from strength to strength over many years

Macpac’s design team delivers a track record in cosmetics and toiletries packaging stretching back over the decades. They offer solutions that have a distinctive shelf stopping allure tempting end users to buy – take for example the Nivea Products Gift Set –  the carefully engineered insert perfectly compliments the brand and is a prime example of a close customer-supplier relationship from first ideas to manufacture – turning concept into reality.

Macpac has a solid track record in designing Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP). The packaging helps products fly off the shelf – with every piece of collateral having to earn its place SRP is having its day improving cost efficiencies back and front of shop.  The pressure is on product replenishment, the result is often slow and non-existent replenishment leading to empty shelves & disappointed customers. With pressure from discounters retailers are re-thinking strategy and keeping costs to a minimum. SRP is a priority when it comes to cost savings.

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Further examples of shelf -ready packaging – expertly created trays designed to optimise instore handling and produced at a competitive cost whilst enhancing the product.

Development Partnership

Setting Standards in your industry

Macpac is a wholly-owned family business established over 40 years ago. Their roots and independence free of any ties have made the company what it is today. As a well as a personal approach the company offers a seamless end-to-end service from idea to finished product working in development partnership with customers to realise their objectives. This can be for an existing product where enhancing modifications are required  or for a brand new idea. They provide shelf stand-out, well differentiated packaging and pack security solutions across a panoply of industries.

Surecel Clamshell Packaging – tamper proof, eliminating the need for welding

Macpac has successfully and effectively adjusted to the rapidly and accelerating changing trends in packaging – this flexibility has made the manufacturer what it is today – a major force in packaging design.

The company sees itself more as sales engineers and packaging technicians innovating through blue sky thinking.

Their engineering and creative/CAD development teams work closely with customers from brief and first concept to on-screen 3D visualisation to prototype to finished product, taking that product into tooling and then introducing to factory production. Their processes allow full visibility, stage by stage.  They offer bespoke and unbeatable low cost tooling and start production runs from 1000 units to millions. It’s a turnkey operation offering cost effective customisation coupled with mind-blowing bespoke ingenuity.