Delivered safe and sound in a Macpac bespoke transit tray to budget and specification

Why risk the reputation of your business with a standard off-the-shelf transit tray when a bespoke tray will offer peace of mind for no extra cost?

Maintaining the performance and efficiency of a plant is crucial so parts management is pivotal in a reliable plant operation. Getting parts delivered on time, without damage or contamination is critical to the smooth running of lines. An interruption to that process through fibre contamination. delay, a bad parts delivery or no delivery at all could have far-reaching consequences with lost production and substantial financial loss.

We’ve been manufacturing transit trays for over 40 years!

We work with major suppliers in the Automotive sector designing personalised bespoke trays to fit  specialised customer pallet sizes. Stacked designs to maximise around shipping space and warehouse storage. 

  • Purpose designed protective packaging for products on the move from heavy to the lightest automotive parts
  • Self -stacking assembly trays designed for collation and easy handling of awkward components
  • Expressly designed to protect parts during supply between factories or the end user
  • Purpose designed to offer maximum protection to the unpacked products

  • Bespoke trays offer many advantages over conventional, off-the-peg packaging. For instance no assembly is required and you can be assured that there is no fibre contamination. There is also the added benefit for re-use and recycling
  • Typically our transit trays are used for automotive, electrical and electronic components
  • Oil and detergent resistant materials can be used where trays require cleaning after use
  • Trays can be engraved with identification codes or printed for batch control
  • Thickness of materials range from 500 microns for lightweight poducts up to 3m PS/PE for heavy duty components

As well as the Automotive sector Macpac create trays for a range of markets including Electronics, Hardware, Confectionery, Healthcare,Pharmaceutical, Horticultural and the food processing sectors. Macpac is a family-owned business with a personal focus. Unlike most packaging suppliers where the concentration is on selling a range of homogenous ‘me-too’ products off a catalogue Macpac take a brief  collaborating with the customer to produce a bespoke yet practical solution from initial ideas, to design, tooling, production and finished product. Macpac prides itself on being expert engineers as well as sales people. They offer individual expert advice to each and every customer always looking at things from a refreshing perspective.

A Development Partnership

Macpac offers a seamless end-to-end service from idea to finished product working in development partnership with customers to realise their objectives. This can be for an existing product where enhancing modifications are required  or for a brand new idea. They provide shelf stand-out, well differentiated packaging and pack security solutions across a panoply of industries

Macpac has successfully and effectively adjusted to the rapidly and accelerating changing trends in packaging – this flexibility has made the manufacturer what it is today – a major force in packaging design.