The Art of Seduction in Confectionery Packaging

Macpac lives the dreams of its customers working with them in  a highly bespoke creative environment to transform their bright ideas into reality from first concept to full production run. In packaging today’s innovation is tomorrow’s busted flush. Preferences can change overnight. In this fast moving industry you can’t put a price on experience. Macpac’s team of designers working with sales development and their intimate knowledge of customer needs have, year on year, for over 40 years, delivered bespoke packaging innovations that have blazed a trail across the confectionery packaging sector.

Macpac offer solutions that have a distinctive shelf-stopping allure tempting end users to buy. Macpac doesn’t sell off a catalogue manufacturing millions of standard pieces of non-descript packaging instead they use the latest CAD development software to realise what is in the mind’s eye of their customers, creating packs to meet highly specific and dedicated requirements. They continue the process through to manufacture from 1000 units upwards.  They are quite capable of running millions of units if required using the very latest state of the art Illig thermoformers.

Delivered in record time


It was to be an egg race with a difference. A major international wholesaler approached Macpac to produce a ‘Clamshell’ pack for an Easter Egg range. There was a fortnight to design the ‘Clamshell’ obtain approval and go into full production. Painstaking measurements and gauges were fed into the CAD design software. The resulting figures were used to generate shapes for incorporation into a pack design.

Graphics for the carton can be added at this early stage should the customer choose this option. A number of Macpac’s customers opt for this opportunity as they are able to deliver slick marketing presentations that facilitate the final design selection.

Prototypes were hand-made from an interim resin tool to produce samples – these were paired with the Easter egg and chocolate products and submitted to the customer. On approval the final high grade aluminium tooling was machined for the final production run.

All together under one roof for greater control and cost efficiencies

The entire process took less than 3 weeks from initial brief to delivery of finished goods. An in house design and tooling facility gives Macpac an added advantage speeding up the manufacturing process with greater control over costs, production times, quality and reliability adding value at every stage.