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Well it’s spring time again and lots of keen gardeners are busy ordering their mail order seedlings. If you’re one of these keep an eye out for the horticultural packaging that your seedlings arrive in and assess their condition. All too often the journey from supplier to your doorstep can be a rocky one leaving your plants a little the worse for wear!  A while back one of the mail order plant suppliers approached us to help solve the problem of plants suffering from handling issues in transit.

Our design engineers set about the problem with their usual innovative approach and came up with a solution that more than fitted the customer brief. Now if you supply seedlings you’ll no doubt be wanting to know more but if you don’t you might be thinking ‘well this isn’t for me’. OK the product might not be, but the approach to solving the problem should be attractive so please read on. Macpac have a team of highly experienced design engineers that specialize in exceeding customer requirements. Their knowledge of materials and design enables them to devise solutions that usually surpass the brief, adding value to the customer’s project. They utilize the latest SolidWorks 3D modeling software and can create photorealistic visuals for clients that make it really easy to interpret. These can even incorporate a product so the customer can see how the finished pack, complete with product, will look even before it has been made.

Now then – back to the seedling clampacks. They are a range of clampacks to hold seedling cavity trays. These clampacks afford excellent all round protection for the seedlings and provide ideal growing conditions with plenty of exposure to natural light and a firm closure system. The clampacks have been designed to provide adequate ventilation to maintain plant health. They are manufactured from recycled PET in either a clear finish or a blue tint that really shows the product off to great effect. The packs are also fully recyclable and are supplied in 4 different formats – 25mm lid height for 33 and 66 cavity trays and 40mm lid heights for 33 and 66 cavity trays. Macpac are launching these specialist horticultural packs at the FourOaks horticultural exhibition, the UK’s premier show for ornamental horticulture. They can be visited on stand C13 at the show in the delightful Cheshire countryside in September.

All our manufacturing output is to BRC/IOP and ISO 9001 so the material is food grade standard. Review our quality standards here

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